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Specialists in data, people and skills

Hogsden Consultants is a boutique firm specialising in technical computing, data analytics, and workforce development - especially data skills.

as well as workforce development and skills

We develop bespoke solutions for our clients to support business growth. If you would like to explore how we could work together, then please get in touch below.

Expert advice & support

Data curation & storage • Security & data protection • Data mining & integration • Data cleaning/wrangling • AI/ML readiness • Technical & high-performance computing • Data analytics services • Investor-ready analysis & presentation

Skills strategy • Apprenticeships & T-levels • Curriculum development • Short courses • Education & Training • Development of leaders, mentors & supervisors • Learner support • Training impact assessment

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We work with organisations to develop people, skills strategy and to deliver solutions to skills gaps through educational offerings, technical training and the development of apprenticeships.

We do this through nexaSTEM, the skills brand of Hogsden Consultants - by building interdisciplinary connections between people, organisations, industries and sectors to address critical areas of STEM skills need.


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